Benefits of Liquid Chelates

Date of publication : 2/2/2021
Company : Priya Chemicals
Source : Dr. R.Y. Angle

It is necessary that animals have a balanced intake of Feed and water.

Intake of water alongwith intake of Feed is an important indicator of the health of the animal.

Pigs and Poultry drink water twice the feed intake. Whereas Cattle drink water four to five times the feed intake. Hence, any deficiency in the feed can be supplemented by nutrients through water.

To improve the efficiency of animal functions, there are a number of nutritional supplements available but all of them are not necessarily productive in terms of results obtained.

The most economical way of supplying supplementary nutrition to poultry chicks and piglets is Liquid chelates of Amino Acids, obtained from Soyabean (NON GMO) by enzymic hydrolysis.

PRICHEMIN: Liquid Chelates of Copper, Iron,Manganese and Zinc is available with 5 to 10% concentration.

Dosage : 25 ml to 100 ml per 1000 Lts of water freshly prepared.

Packing: 10 Lts and 20 Lts HDPE Carbouys and 200 Lts HDPE drums.


Poultry ,Turkey, Ducks: For Broilers, Breeders and Mother Birds Use after antibiotic treatment, Fragile Bones, Pale Birds, Wet Litter, Slow feed intake,Growth Problems ,Digestion Problems, Depleted Immune System ,Post Illness treatment.

Pigs:For Piglets, Fattening Pigs and Sows for treatment of stress, respiratory, growth and digestion problems.Weaning Diarrhoea, Gray animals, Depleted immune system.


Priya Chemicals also manufacture Glycine Chelates which are completely soluble in water These chelates are of Copper 10% , Manganese 10% ,Iron 10% and Zinc 17%.

These chelates are becoming more and more popular because of its own advantage of stable molecular structure and smallest molecular weight. However being a single amino acid , nutritive value limitations do exist.

But being completely soluble in water its use in preparation with Vitamins for stable preparation has increased.

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