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APIs market information

Date of publication : 9/12/2022
Company : Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
Source : Ronnick FONG, Executive Director at Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd

Compared with last month's bottoming-out market, the overall market of veterinary drug APIs this month comes a shock finishing. The prices of most products are relatively stable and lack hot products. The market demand is expected to be optimistic as the domestic breeding season is currently in full swing with rising temperatures. In the following month or two, a slight rebound is possible, with a medium-term bullish forecast.

Implementing the new version GMP standard on June 1 will inevitably remove some capacity from the production side, and it is bound to reflect the market price of APIs gradually. We will wait and see how the market will interpret.  Read the article to get more information Will New Version of GMP Boost the Veterinary Drugs Industry?

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The current market quotation is USD65.00/KG EXW, down slightly.
The bottom-building of the trade end in the earlier period is poised to develop. Coupled with the cost support of mainstream manufacturers, the market price is expected to not drop significantly in the short term but will continue a steady rise.

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Doxycycline HCl

The current market reference price is quoted USD62/KG EXW, a continuous rise slightly from the previous period, but is still at a price stage suitable for purchase. Domestic and overseas inquiries increased, and the mainstream factories face growing pressure on delivery. The manufacturers are active in pushing the price with no intention to reduce the price, leading the transaction prices to continue to go up. The tightening of the supply drives the market to run stronger in the future.

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