United Pork Americas
United Pork Americas

United Pork Americas

April 19, 2022 to April 21, 2022
Hyatt Regency Orlando - Orlando - Florida - United States

United Pork Americas: an unprecedented global event

Date of publication : 12/1/2021
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United Pork Americas, an event to be held in April 2022, was designed to spread knowledge about the international market and also the main technical issues of pig farming on a global level.

Networking is one of the strong points of the event, with the Trade Fair and activities such as the Pork Festival, a great celebration of the worldwide swine industry.

Themed "Thinking the Pork Industry of the Future!", it will be held between the 19th and 21th of April 2022 at United Pork Americas, in the city of Orlando, in the United States.

The main objective is to connect North, Central and South America in a unique event that will involve an international technical conference and another on the global protein market and the realization of a major Trade Fair.

The new business models will also be present at United Pork Americas with the participation of 12 international startups that will address the latest technologies for the pork industry.

The main themes for United Pork Americas will be: impact of climate change on meat production, sustainability, consumer demands, alternative proteins, laboratory meats, sanitary crises, antibiotic reduction, logistics, well-being, food safety and Big Data.

According to the President of United Pork Americas, Flavia Roppa, the event will present the main directions of the market for the production of swine. "Technical and market issues will be debated with a view to tracing the direction of the sector until 2100", says Flavia Roppa. "We will bring together the main pork producing countries in the world. America is a continent that produces 20 million tons of pork per year and exports 5 million tons, and internally consumes another 5 million tons," she pointed out.

Also according to Flavia Roppa, the continent has strong competition from China and European countries, but offers a highly sophisticated level of food quality, health and protection against the main diseases that affect the international swine industry. "The continent has the capacity to supply all regions of the world with incomparable price, flavor and safety, advancing in sales in African, Asian, European and Japanese countries," she said.


Trade fair

Also according to Flavia Roppa, with the organization of the United Pork Americas trade fair, companies will be in evidence. “It will be a great opportunity for companies to show what they have to offer to the national and international market. And for start-up companies, who want to consolidate their brand, it's a fundamental step. It is at these events that major market players position themselves and define their market strategy”, she said.


United Pork Americas

April 19-21, 2022

Orlando, Florida (EUA) | Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa

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