IPVS 2022
June 21, 2022 to June 24, 2022
Av. Salvador Allende, 6555 - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

IPVS2022 will approach fundamental tripod to improve profitability in swine production

Date of publication : 6/13/2022
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Panels will bring themes related to biosecurity, productivity and innovation, topics that are the foundation of the swine production in the world


With the high production costs, coming mainly from the inputs used in the manufacture of feed, efficiency in the production system is essential to generate positive balances in farms. In this scenario, the best way to achieve success is the use of innovations, to reduce costs and improve production rates.

To ensure the effectiveness of the production chain, extensive knowledge on production system and  market is essential to succeed, since pig farming uses an intensive production system, where the global trend demands the adoption of actions aimed at animal welfare, where the integration between infrastructure, management, nutrition and health is imperative to obtain good production results.

With this in mind, the scientific committee of IPVS2022 has intensively debated on the most pressing and important issues for swine production worldwide, particularly considering the global scenario in relation to reemerging diseases such as African Swine Fever,  use of antimicrobials, innovations related to vaccinology and production, and finally diseases of recognized importance such as PRRS, Influenza A, Classical Swine Fever, Streptococcosis and Mycoplasmosis.

According to the IPVS2022 Scientific Committee Director Roberto Guedes, the rapid evolution of the industry will not interfere with the originality of the scientific program. "The global swine market is dynamic and frequently changes, but the scientific program was prepared considering the great demands and challenges of the global swine market. Thus, I believe that we prepared an extensive program, that will meet the interests of the scientific community worldwide", he says.

For Lia Treptow Coswig, the IPVS2022 Biosecurity Director and federal inspector of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the theme of IPVS2022 refers to the set of measures adopted by companies and the public sector to prevent the entry of diseases in the countries or to act in the control and eradication of present diseases. "New technologies, diagnostics, and prevention measures will be discussed by the keynote speakers and in the presentation of scientific papers," she says.

According to Lia, being aware of the herd’s health status is essential to preserve the activity, which is one of the main export commodities in many countries and is also the food source for the local population in others. "Discussion on biosecurity involves not only the sanitary aspects of the swine herd but also one health, which involves the whole environment. Pork production, which presents food safety at the end of the process, starts with the use of veterinary inputs and good quality feed," she points out.



One of the Pre-Congress sessions is the reproduction panel, whose moderator, Fernanda Almeida, veterinarian and president of the Congress, will lead the discussions about the theme "The basis of reproductive efficiency: from science to practice". The speakers will be Jennifer Patterson, from the University of Alberta (Canada); Johannes Kauffold, from the University of Leipzig (Germany), Stefan Björkman from the University of Helsinki (Finland) and Chris Kuster, from Kuster Research and Consulting (USA).

In another Pre-Congress session, the topic "The use of antimicrobials and their resistance in pigs" will be addressed. Professor Jeroen Dewulf, from Ghent University (Belgium); Maria Jose Hötzel, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil); Locke Karriker, from Iowa State University (USA) and Ulf Magnusson, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden) will participate in this panel.

The third Pre-Congress session, entitled "Mucosal immune response and vaccinology", will feature Eduardo Cobo, University of Calgary (Canada); Heather Wilson, University of Saskatoon (Canada) and Rafael Frandoloso, University of Passo Fundo (Brazil).

Nutrition will be the central theme of the fourth session of the Pre-Congress "Immunology via Nutrition", which will have the presence of Siska Croubels, Ghent University (Belgium), Paulo Henrique Campos, Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) and John Pluske, Australasian Swine Research Institute (Australia) to enrich the debate.

The "African Swine Fever: Innovations to control" will be one of the highlighted themes in the program of the fifth session of the Pre-Congress.  It will have the participation of José Manuel S. Vizcaíno, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain); Manuel Borca, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); Christian Gortazar, University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) and Carmína Gallardo, Center for Animal Health Research (Spain).

The sixth session of the Pre-Congress will focus on agribusiness, a novelty in the IPVS congresses. In this session, "Swine production from an agribusiness perspective" will be addressed by celebrities from the business sector. Thus, the IPVS2022 comes out ahead showing that there is innovation in all areas of the production chain.

For Guedes, the IPVS congresses are a great moment of integration and socialization of the world scientific community that works with pigs and searches for information and exchange experiences. "After a two-year period of global pandemic, this opportunity is even more awaited. In other words, the knowledge that has been dammed up for the last four years now has a space for its dissemination, meeting the demands of the international community", he indicates

According to the IPVS2022 President Fernanda Almeida, the congress is a unique opportunity for professionals in the sector. "We are talking about a moment where the main solutions for the sector will be gathered in one place, accessible to all. The ease that IPVS brings throughout its editions is reaffirmed with this event, which will promote high-level debates," she concludes.



Registration for those who wish to participate in person only at the venue of the event. To participate online, registration can be made on the event's website



Joining forces with IPVS2022

The IPVS2022 has the support of the main Brazilian swine farming entities, such as: Brazilian Pig Veterinary Society (Abraves), Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa Swine and Poultry, Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), Brazilian Association of Pig Breeders (ABCS), Brazilian Association of Genetic Swine Companies (ABEGS), Sindicarne-SC and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

The IPVS2022 is sponsored by the following companies: Boehringer-Ingelheim, Farmabase, HIpra, MSD, Zoetis, Ceva, Elanco, Agroceres PIC, Biofarma, Idexx, Ourofino, Pharmacosmos, Sanphar, Trouw Nutrition, Vetanco, Virbac, Crystal Spring, Magapor, Microvet, Phytobiotics, Thermo Fisher, Tonisity, VetScience, Vetoquinol, Lanxess, BioChek and Apha Scientific. Moreover, Adisseo, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and ICC are sponsoring the IPVS2022 Pre-Congress.

The event also has media support from 333 Brasil, 333 Internacional, Academia Suína, Ediciones Pecuarias/Acontecer Porcino, Engormix, Feed & Food, Maiz Y Soya, MAP, O Presente Rural, Pig Progress, Piscishow e Avisuleite, Suino Brasil,, Suinocultura Industrial, SuiSite, Veterinária Digital e Globo Rural.


IPVS2022 - International Pig Veterinary Society Congress

June 21st to 24th, 2022

Rio de Janeiro / Riocentro Convention & Event Center

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