Mycotoxins effect in the quality of day old chicks

Date of publication : 5/18/2017
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The Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa has been very proactive in educating rural and peri-urban farmers about mycotoxin and its effects on livestock production in Africa. The organization discussed at Ogun State with farmers and hatchery operators about the role the mycotoxins play in the quality of their day old chicks.
The topic was "Day old chick health status and early mortalities: consequences of mycotoxins on breeder farms and hatchery management in West Africa: case studies from Nigeria". Dr. Stephen Adejoro, founder of the LIFA, was the speaker and the lecture was well-received, as many farms in the region are faced with problems of mycotoxin. 
The Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa is hopeful that collaboration with various international NGO will be of great benefit to farmers in Africa and it is willing to make their resources available in order to ensure that livestock industry in Africa is sustained.
Mentioned in this news release:
star Stephen Adejoro Dr Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
May 22, 2017

Poultry associations of farmers in Africa are advised to take the full advantage of a 4 decade knowledge capitalization of various case studies and scientific reports by the NGO to improve on technical management in tropical poultry farm businesses in Africa
This NGO can be invited to deliver sensitive findings on Gumboro disease, Marek's disease, safe water for poultry and the nutritional and clinical threat of mycotoxins to the poultry of Africa and will gladly honour invitation to interact with poultry farmers in Africa for sustainability of our poultry industry.

May 25, 2017
Thanks Dr Adegoro for this important information and the great work you are doing through LIFA. I will love to exploit the advertised opportunity for the farmer organisation members of my consortium, Nipoferd (Nigerian Poultry Feeds Research and Development). My contacts are
Okoli Charles
Coordinator Nipoferd
School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology
Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria
Mob: +234 8053127006
star Stephen Adejoro Dr Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
May 25, 2017
Thank you Dr Charles Okoli for your kind comment ,and your expression of interest in LIFA activities especially in the area of mycotoxins mitigation in Africa
The secretary of LIFA Dr SeunAdedapo will get in touch with you as soon as possible
Thank you for your interest and help to disseminate LIFA advocacy mission on mycotoxins mitigation to your colleagues
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