Amlan International promotes the benefits of tri-modal protection at VIV Asia 2011

Date of publication : 5/9/2011
Source : Amlan International

Amlan International, a global provider of animal health products for livestock, participated in the 2011 VIV ASIA trade show to promote the benefits of Tri-Modal Protection of its Calibrin® enterosorbents. 

Jeff Turner, Asia Pacific Sales Manager for Amlan said, "The VIV ASIA show was an important event for us to share our clinical and field studies with livestock producers.  We believe in providing both laboratory and farm data demonstrating product effectiveness and economic benefits gained when using Calibrin products.  Educating our customers is key to building credibility and long lasting customer relationships." 

Calibrin products work in three ways; surface activation, active compounds and sorption kinetics.  Its exceptional ability to bind mycotoxins quickly in the gastrointestinal tract of the animal comes from the mineral's activated surfaces combined with the high number of particles per dose.  This is the power of Tri-Modal Protection.

Amlan International manufactures two enterosorbents for mycotoxins, Calibrin-A and Calibrin-Z.  These products are proven safe and effective by clinical research from respected laboratories around the world.



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