“Gut Effects” promoted as “Intelligent Gut Action” IGA©

Date of publication : 5/22/2015
Source : Pancosma


It is Pancosma’s ambition to design adding-value solutions and not to offer simple products. This is quite complex as it requires several principles: a deep know-how in technology, profound knowledge on animal science and precise understanding of gut physiology. Pancosma has developed for years now these competencies and expertise to offer exclusive and potentially custom-designed solutions for each problematic.

Pancosma is providing new findings discovered from mechanistic and basic research on the gastrointestinal tract. The major interests of Pancosma are molecular physiology and the primary effects of the products at the gut level; this “Gut Effects” strategy includes gut sensing, gut immunity and gut microbiota which is defined under the term “gut health” and promoted as “Intelligent Gut Action” (IGA©). 

Main definition

INTELLIGENT GUT ACTION (iga) proves the gut as a gateway to improve growth and health of farm animals. Our research into this intelligent sensorial organ demonstrates our products communicate with the gut and yield an impact in growth, efficacy, and return on investment. 

Additional information

Having a detailed knowledge of the key physiological mechanisms allows us to activate levers. Ingredients are chosen in a very precise way to be recognized and utilized at gut level, inducing a physiological effect and resulting in an improvement in a parameter of zootechnical interest. Combined, the selected ingredients are all the more valuable as their synergistic effects interrelate with the environment. Products, relying on the IGA© approach, generate benefits at gut level which are converted into a systemic global response enhancing performance and improving return on investment.

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