Nabil Said will explain extrusion in detail at Texas A&M

Date of publication : 6/30/2016
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Extrusion will be a central theme from August 21st to 26th at Rudder Tower in the Texas A & M University Campus, where Dr. Nabil Said is set to appear to explain this important process and help train those who attend the 23rd Annual Practical Short Course on Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition, & Feed Management.

Said is the Vice President of Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies at Insta-Pro International and his participation in this course is a recurrent task, one that he appreciates and cherishes. “We have been involved with Texas A & M short courses for over 25 years. Currently, we participate in at least three courses per year as speakers in the practical short course on Feed & Pet food, practical short course on Aquaculture & Feed extrusion and in Food Extrusion of cereal, protein & other ingredients”, explains Said, Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Master in Poultry Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At the event, he will give two lectures: Principles of Dry Extrusion and Its Application in Aquatic Feed and Pet Food, and Other Commercial Applications of Dry Extrusion. “The objective is to train the attendees on the principles of  Insta-Pro Dry extrusion technology (High & Medium Shear extrusion); processing ingredients such as extruded full fat soy, extruded-expelled –partially defatted soy meal (ExPress® soy meal) as a potential high quality ingredients for aquatic feed and other species; extruded by-products of the aquatic and marine industry into high quality ingredient; conduct extrusion demonstration about the above categories; and utilizing the Medium shear extruder to produce Aquatic feed for small and medium producers (1-1.5 ton per hour)”, explained.

Said added: “As a company (Insta-Pro) that was created from a nutritional background, we emphasize the nutritional quality of extruded products through optimizing the extrusion system to produce the highest amino acids and energy digestibilities through conducting trials on those ingredients and finished products by many universities. We share our findings with our customers and train them on the importance of optimizing their processes”.


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