Leader of Pellet Mill in China - A remark written on the occasion of breakthrough in 9000 pellet mills

Date of publication : 6/2/2016
Source : Zhengchang
Up to May 2016, Zhengchang Group has produced and sold more than 9000 pellet mills. What does the 9000 pellet mills mean? It means the market share of the product has reached 65% in China and 6,800 feed enterprises around the world are using the pellet mills manufactured by Zhengchang. It is no exaggeration to say that Zhengchang is the main enterprise manufacturing machine tools and the leader of Chinese feed industry.
Zhengchang Group is the enterprise first engaged in the production of pellet mills in China. As early as 1973, Zhengchang had developed and researched pellet mills through introducing technologies. After a year’s hard work, Zhengchang successfully developed the first KYW-32 pellet mill, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries in the similar products.
The successful development of the first pellet mill has filled the gap of China in the production of pellet mills in feed industry and greatly promoted the rising feed industry thus to bring new vigor and vitality into the development of Chinese feed industry.
Zhengchang Group is the outstanding enterprise with complete and quality pellet mills in China. When the KYW-32 pellet mill was awarded quality product by Ministry of Commerce, Zhengchang Group aimed at the international market: to produce the quality and advanced feed machinery which can compete with the foreign similar products. Zhengchang established the joint venture of “Zhengchang Machinery Co., Ltd.” with American CPM and invested 50 million yuan to introduce foreign machining equipment. The company has introduced the large-scale vertical vacuum quenching furnace from the United States, deep gun drilling machine, four-head gun drill, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, CNC boring machine, milling machine and punching machine from Germany. Zhengchang has leapt to a new level in its production technologies and equipment, forming three series of jacket conditioner, 338 expander, 250 dry extruder, four series of grinder, five series of pellet mill and seven series of mixer. The 90KW, 110KW, 315KW, 360KW pellet mills and expander designed and developed by the company have passed the ministerial appraisal. In 2000, the "Zhengchang” trademark was recognized as “Well-known Chinese Brand” by SAIC.
Zhengchang Group is the national outstanding enterprise which can produce the largest-capacity pellet mills. Zhengchang Group adheres to the idea of "Customer-focused” and “Be of value to customer” to carry on deep development of feed machinery in terms of efficiency, energy saving, intelligence and environmental protection to obtain satisfactory economic benefits with constant decreasing in energy consumption and increasing in efficacy. Therefore, Zhengchang Group develops the pellet mill with large scale, high efficiency and intelligence. In 2011, Zhengchang developed the SZLH1068 ring die pellet mill with a title of “Intelligent king-size pellet mill”. The pellet mill had the largest capacity of 55 tons per in China and reached the international advanced level.
"There is no limit in the development of technology and quality”. Zhengchang Group will keep on making progress rather than rest content with current research and development. In the "2016 China Feed Industry Exhibition and Promotion of Animal Husbandry Production”--- annual big event of Chinese feed industry held in  Hefei in April this year, Zhengchang Group introduced its latest product 1208 pellet mill winning a lot of praises and attention.  Gao Hongbin---the president of CFIA and former vice minister of agriculture, industry leaders and feed enterprises’ chairmen and general managers gave high praises and congratulations on Zhengchang Group for the outcome of 1208 pellet mill contributing to Chinese feed industry.
The pellet mill has the largest capacity of 75 tons per hour in China characterized by high stability, efficiency and intelligence and passed the national-level certification. The successful development of the pellet mill not only leads Chinese feed industry to develop with high efficiency, intelligence and safety but also lays a solid foundation for Chinese feed industry to develop towards large scale, intensification and one-stop service with low cost.
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