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Maggot 2-3 week

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Jambi Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Date: April 27, 2012
Anthony Ebenezer Anthony Ebenezer
Pig farmer
August 21, 2014
Hi Edwarman

I will like to congratulate you for your research work on BSF. I have seen some of your impressive projects and i will like to request technical knowledge on how to set a maggot farm. Also i will like to know what does PMK means

August 21, 2014

Dear Anthony

I use the PKM (palm kernel meal) as a medium for the cultivation of BSF, be some friends using palm sludge oil or other growing medium as BSF.
do as follows: PKM plus clean water, stir thoroughly kept in the shade (not to be some rain) a few days later BSF will come to put their eggs in the media. the eggs will hatch and the maggot can be harvested 2-3 weeks.

Sorry I could not speak English well.


Lawrence Gakure Lawrence Gakure
January 29, 2015
Congrat Sir

My name is Lawrence from UK but originally from Kenya, A Power Electrical Engineer.

I don't know if it's too late to come to you the exciting project you have on BSF?

I have watched your album and comments on BSF Maggots farming and I was really inspired by the idea and project. As I am currently unemployed, family and I have decided to relocate back home to Kenya to try to start again.

Our intention is to venture in poultry and fish farming, unfortunately due to lack of fund and extortional high price of animal feeds we are worried animal feeds will be our challenge and will be a high risk to take alternative, e.g BSFL food formation.

However, after watching your album and few others, I feel your idea can be a cornerstone of my new venture.

Therefore I am wondering what technical advise and any literature references you can offer on the idea especially on constructing the nursery/feeding tray/food and suitable environment, budget and health environment risks given Kanya has very favorite weather condition for the kind of this project? (Average temp 27Deg)
Any reference materials you can refer too will be very valuable etc.

Your advice will be highly valued and appreciated.

Thanks for your kindness and regards in advance.
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