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Business Development Manager
Date: May 16, 2017
Discussion created on 05/16/2017
We are experiencing a significant variation in pellet length for 3mm and 2mm pellets for fish feed even after adjusting the knife settings to cut at a higher speed. The extruder incorporates the design of an expander. How can we achieve consistent pellet uniformity?
Business Development Manager
Enrique Diaz Enrique Diaz
Agro Engineer Zootechnist. Product Line Manager Vegetable Oil & Animal Feed Divisions
June 8, 2017
The picture you sent refers originally to an Anderson 8" EEC (Expander-Extruder-Cooker).
Due to the colors on the machine and peripheral components I can see the machine was "repaired" by a US based company and probably the original configuration is not the same as the factory.

The are several factors to revise on this machine such as main worm shaft arrangement, condition of the discharge liners, breaker bolts and main shaft speed. From I can see the discharge die plate is not the original and another die plate has been inserted in the machine, the variability on the consistency getting even collets length could be related to this. I can't see the cutter head assembly but I can assume is not standard either. The last factor to consider and revise is the die inserts configuration which has to be selected based on the type of feed you may want to produce.

As a worldwide Anderson's distributor we know this machine as well as the factory, if you are interested in get better results please send me an email to so we can share information.

Thank you.
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