Liquid OH-Methionine - RHODIMET® AT88: 30 YEARS!

Date of publication : 1/22/2021
Company : Adisseo
Source : Adisseo

RHODIMET® AT88: 30 YEARS ! - Image 1

In 1990, the first drops of Rhodimet® AT88 were produced in Spain. A great deal has been achieved since then, taking Adisseo up to the position of number 1 worldwide in liquid methionine. This methionine source is bringing value to many feed millers and integrators worldwide. With Rhodimet® AT88, Adisseo is serving a market segment which represents 1/3 of the global Methionine market with a global presence.

Over these last 30 years, a strong industrial approach has been deployed to increase Rhodimet® AT88 process integration, production reliability, and production capacity. Nutritional research has been continuously conducted from the beginning of the Rhodimet® AT88 adventure. The Adisseo Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition (CERN) in Commentry (France) has conducted R&D studies and worked with different universities in order to deepen knowledge about methionine in various topics and species. The application of Rhodimet® AT88 is also a cornerstone of effective use of the methionine product and is a key expertise at Adisseo.

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