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News published on February 9, 2009:

Udder Scald May Be More Costly Than You Think

Udder scald is a moist often foul smelling dermatitis between the udder and upper thigh or between the udder halves of cows.  Very little is known about the exact cause.  Dermatitis found between the ...
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University of Minnesota Dairy Extension
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News published on October 14, 2008:

What percent of your herd is lame?

Chances are it’s more than you think. If so, what can you do to minimize the problem?In a Minnesota survey of 17 herds, lameness scoring indicated that there were 2.5 times more lame cows than producers thought...
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Cornell University Animal Science / PRO-DAIRY
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News published on May 8, 2008:

A Firm Foundation: Healthy Hooves

Healthy hooves put you on solid footing for efficient milk productionWhile walking, you notice a slight irritation and pain coming from your foot. It gradually gets worse and worse. Finally, you have to stop an...
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Ontario M. of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
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News published on January 15, 2008:

Research study shows ways to help reduce lameness in dairy cows

Lameness is a major problem on our dairy farms, and its prevalence in the U.S. has increased in recent years. The current trend in the dairy industry is for housing cows in free stall systems with concrete floo...
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University of Minnesota Extension Service
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News published on April 28, 2005:

New Zealand - Genetics will target cow lameness

Livestock Improvement is working on a genetic means of reducing the incidence of cow lameness. It involves identifying artificial breeding bulls whose daughters will be more resistant to lameness, says LIC b...
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Rural News
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