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ICC Brazil´s salespeople are the first to gain access to the brand new RumenYeast® campaign

Date of publication : 11/13/2019
Company : ICC Brazil
Source : ICC Brazil

The product is indicated for dairy cows, ensuring increased daily milk production and greater feedlot cattle performance.

A product that ensures increased daily milk production and quality, as well as welfare and quality of life for beef and dairy cattle. This is RumenYeast®, a product available in the portfolio of ICC Brazil, a pioneering company in the production of innovative solutions for animal nutrition based on yeast.

The new campaign has been shown to ICC Brazil’s salespeople first-hand last October 15th. RumenYeast® provides the optimal nutrition for rumen microbiota, intestinal health and it is ideal for strengthening the immune system. It maintains the pH stable and stimulates cellulolytic bacteria, thus improving rumen conditions.

According to Aline Almeida, ICC Brazil’s Marketing Coordinator, “Our goal was to develop a campaign to position RumenYeast®, presenting to the market a highly effective product, capable of increasing milk production by reducing stress on animals as well as improving the performance of beef cattle.”

The new campaign is already available online. Visit: www.rumenyeast.com.br and gain access to exclusive content to learn how to increase yields of your dairy production.

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