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News published on March 13, 2014:

Microalgae – the food of the future

The most abundant biological resource on earth, marine microalgae, has not previously been used directly in food production. Researchers at Uni Research are hoping to change that through the MIRACLES research p...
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Hans Kleivdal (Uni Research)
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News published on October 9, 2013:

Marine algal polysaccharides: a new option for immune stimulation

Nowadays, all animal production is concerned by vaccination. This is an essential technique for the protection of the livestock health which, however, entails significant costs for stock breeders. Maximizing th...
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News published on July 9, 2012:

Virginia Tech researchers create competitive, global aquaculture market

When Chesapeake Bay oyster hatcheries began to see the unexplainable deaths of billions of larvae during summer 2011, the competing companies banded together to find someone to fix the problem. That person was...
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Virginia Tech University
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News published on April 24, 2009:

Salmon Crisis: Chile Considers Algae and Bivalves as Alternative

Senator Antonio Horvath, president of the Senate's Fisheries Commission, has proposed an alternative outlook on tackling the Chilean salmon farming industry crisis, in view of the fact that "the government...
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FIS Argentina
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News published on March 12, 2009:

Climate change reduces nutritional value of algae

Micro-algae are growing faster under the influence of climate change. However, the composition of the algae is changing, as a result of which their nutritional value for other aquatic life is decreasing. And be...
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NWO Research News
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News published on January 7, 2009:

International experts weigh-in on harmful algal blooms

An international group of scientists is linking nutrient pollution in the world's coastal seas to an increase in the number of harmful algal blooms reported in recent years. When harmful algal blooms (HAB's) oc...
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Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
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News published on May 8, 2008:

Biofuels - Algal farming: a new Agricultural Revolution?

Recent food riots around the globe could spell the end for the biofuels industry based on crops grown on arable land. And although biofuel crops are only partly to blame for skyrocketing food prices, they are a...
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Science Alert
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News published on March 7, 2008:

Innovative aquafeed for shrimp, big interest at Victam Asia

The Norwegian aquaculture feed company Blue Limit AS today presented a new shrimp larvae feed to an international aquaculture feed, ingredient and aquaculture farming audience at VICTAM Asia 2008 in Bangkok. Th...
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Nofima (formerly Fiskeriforskning)
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News published on December 27, 2007:

Aqua trends: Algae farming

As countries from around the world met in Bali, Indonesia recently to thrash out a new framework on fighting global warming, the fishing community there is adapting to the looming impact of climate change. Many...
Source :
The Star
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News published on July 20, 2007:

USA - Kansas bioenergy plant testing algae-to-biofuels

The Sunflower Integrated Bioenergy Center project reached a milestone recently when equipment arrived to begin the first phase of on-site testing for an innovative coal-based algae-to-biofuels system. Following...
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Prime Newswire
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