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Published: November 9, 2018
By: Sai Mahesh Reddy

Gross lesions included: collected as much as 4 mL of a straw-colored transudate in the pericardial sac. A case seen in a flock of 6000 broiler birds at an age of 10 days with a minimum mortality i.e. 15 per day. On necropsy, tentatively confirmed the case as IBH. Do we have any better therapeutic management to approach this disease? Thank you

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Sai Mahesh Reddy
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Ailyn Taneo
14 de marzo de 2019
What is IBH?
Ali Rizvi
20 de octubre de 2019
Ailyn Taneo Inclusion body hepatitis
Ali Rizvi
20 de octubre de 2019
In most of the viral infections infections symptomatic treatment is opted along with a look on secondary bacterial infection with use of appropriate antibiotic.
Ahmad Rivai Harahap
2 de agosto de 2020
Can this case for 3 day old chick of broiler ?
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