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Small Flock Management: Preventing Hens From Eating Eggs

Published: June 10, 2008
It is quite common for some hens in small flocks to suddenly begin consuming eggs. This is a habit, that once formed, is very difficult to eliminate. In fact, sometimes the only way to prevent the problem is to eliminate the offending hen. Hens will sometimes begin consuming eggs when an egg breaks by accident. Any method you can use to reduce the number of broken eggs available to the hens wil...
Dr. Manik Chandra Paul, Paul
ACME Group
11 de junio de 2008
It is a matter of enjoy. It is great to share knowledge. It helps us to develop livestock and poultry in the World to meet the demand of present food scarcity. Your knowledge will be the added advantage for the other side of the world. We want to face the problem that exists as a barrier for the development of poultry industry. Thanking You. Dr. Manik Chandra Paul The ACME Laboratories Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh
Samuel Mwangi
Samuel Mwangi
12 de junio de 2008
I have found the article to be very helpful as I have been faced with this problem. Thanks alot. Dr. Mwangi, S.M. TREASURE FEEDS INDUSTRIES RUIRU, KENYA
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