Study of Carcass Characteristics in Pigeons Administration Fish Oil

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This experiment was carried out at the animal house, College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Kufa to find out the cholesterol concentration of blood and meat, dressing percentage with and without giblets, and relative weight of the heart, liver, and gizzard of pigeons administrated orally 1 ml/fish oil/bird daily. Thirty adult male pigeons (Zigil breed) were randomly divided into two equal treated groups as the following: T1/ birds without fish oil supplementation (control group) while T2/ birds were supplemented daily with 1 ml fish oil during the experimental period (30th days). Blood samples were collected at three times (0, 15th and 30th days respectively) during the experimental period. Serum cholesterol analysis of three times and Carcass parameters were measured at the end of the experiment. The results indicate that fish oil has a significant improving in blood cholesterol, the relative weight of liver and meat cholesterol. In conclusion, using fish oil during the breeding period may cause a significant decrement of blood and meat cholesterol to give healthy meat with the best effect on performance.
KEYWORDS: Pigeons, Omega-3, Newcastle disease, Antibody titer, Total proteins.
Abstract published in International Journal of Science and Nature, VOL.6 (3) 2015: 459-461
Nejdet Çöven Nejdet Çöven
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
July 6, 2017
Dear Dr. Yasser,
how are you?
if it is possible, i want to read full article. can you send me.
thank you
Dr.Nejdet Çöven
Koot van der Walt Koot van der Walt
Marketing Director
July 6, 2017
06/07/17Dear Dr Yassar
Please the same here, send it to me as well I am extremely interested in this experiment.
Thank you very much
Koot van der Walt
Atef Abou Zead Atef Abou Zead
professor of viral poultry diseases
July 6, 2017
Please send me the full article
Thank you
July 6, 2017
Dr. This research is very interesting. Please can I get the full article. Thanks in anticipation
Moustafa Houda Moustafa Houda
August 5, 2017

Please send to me full article. 
Thank you.

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