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Effect of Multi-Carbohydrase Enzymes on Broiler Nitrogen-Corrects Apparent Metabolizable Energy (AMEn) of Pelleted Feed

Published on: 7/20/2020
Author/s : Michaela Braun 1 GS, Courtney Truelock 1, Kara Dunmire 1, Charles Stark 1, Sara Llamas Moya 2, Chad Paulk 1. / 1 Kansas State University; 2 Kerry.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of multi-carbohydrase inclusion on growth performance, AME and AMEn in broilers. A total of 600 one-day old, male (Cobb 500; initial BW 41 g) broiler chicks were housed in 6 Petersime batteries and used in an 18-d study. Birds were randomly assigned to battery cages with 5 birds per cage. Cages were then randomly allotted to 1 of 8 treatments within location block and balanced by BW with 15 replicates per treatment. All diets were manufactured on a 1 ton 30-horsepower pellet mill (1012-2 HD Master Model, California Pellet Mill) and conditioned to approximately 82°C. Treatment diets consisted of a control and the control plus 1 of 7 enzymes (200 g/ tonne). The control was composed of maize, soybean meal, DDGS, soy oil and mineral-vitamin premix and was formulated to provide 2937 kcal/ kg for the starter and 2988 kcal/kg for the grower and meet birds nutrient recommendations. Dietary treatments were fed in 2 phases with a starter crumble offered from d 1-8 and grower pellet from d 9-18. On d 16, 17, and 18 fecal samples were collected and pooled samples were analyzed for calculation of AME and AMEn. Calculations for AME and AMEn were determined using the indirect method and titanium dioxide served as the indigestible marker. Data were analyzed using the MIXED procedure in SAS with pen as the experimental unit and pen location as the blocking factor. Analysis was performed using Dunnett’s multiple comparisons for all parameters. For the starter, grower, and overall results, there was no evidence for differences (P > 0.206) in ADG, FCR, or ADFI. There was an overall effect for (P < 0.026) AME and AMEn. The diet containing enzyme 1 had a 150 kcal/kg and 151 kcal/kg increase in AME and AMEn respectively when compared to the control diet. However, diets containing the other enzymes had similar AME and AMEn compared to the control diet. In conclusion, broilers fed diets with added enzymes had similar growth performance to those fed the control. Diets containing enzyme 1 had an 150 kcal/kg and 151 kcal/kg increase in AME and AMEn compared to the control diet.

Key Words: Carbohydrase, Metabolizable Energy, Broiler.


Poster presented at the International Poultry Scientific Forum during IPPE 2020.

Charles Stark worked in the animal feed industry for over 20 years and have provided technical support to over 25 companies in 8 countries. The focus of his research and extension programs have been on the development of new process technology, feed safety systems, and quality assurance programs that will efficiently produce a safe supply of meat, milk, and eggs.
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