Discussion created on 07/20/2022

Problems with sow: no strength, no eating

Our sow cannot stand. Its back legs have no strength. It doesn't eat unless fed through a syringe. It's 1 week now since it became like paralyzed. It is 3 months and 15 days pregnant now. We have injected her antibiotics and vitamins but no effect. What should we do?

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Telma Tucci Telma Tucci
Veterinary Medicine
July 22, 2022
Have you changed feed type? Have you tried some straw? Fever? Is she in a crate or free? Try to free her a bit to have a walk
July 24, 2022
It has prolapse too. 2 prolapses on the viganal part and on the anus. How can we treat that?
Telma Tucci Telma Tucci
Veterinary Medicine
July 25, 2022
Unfortunately no treatment. They can finish lactation but afterwards better to cull them, it would repeat next farrow or before. You can try to interviene surgically to permit survival for a time.
August 12, 2022
How is the sow now, Can we get pictures?
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