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piggery project proposal

Piggery Project

Im impressed of this website and I hope i would be able to get assistance as soon as possible. Im working as a Community Development Practitioner and im supposed to assist a piggery project with a business plan. Can someone assist me on the basics tools/equipment for one to buy when starting a piggery project. This project operate at a very small scale.

Motlatsi Matlapeng
Motlatsi Matlapeng
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ntukza warona ntukza warona
May 20, 2014
i also wanna join the bandwagon of pursuing a piggery project. Currently i am a student and i just feel what i am studying for wont make my dreams come true. i was really inspired by testimonies of those who took the same road, to my surprise they started from the little they had but in the fullness of time they are floating in wealth
Sibonelo Ngcoya Sibonelo Ngcoya
Project Manager
October 27, 2014
Hi everyone. I would to be assisted with starting a pig farm. Currently I did training with the department of agriculture so now I want to be helped with business plan. Anyone who can help I'll be pleased. Thank you
terrancemundida terrancemundida
December 8, 2014
I want to start a piggery project but I need to know the fastest growing breed .the disease resisstant diseases .am in Zimbabwe. My email z terrymundida @ gmail .com
michael michael
January 20, 2015
Hello everyone,please I wnt to stat a pig farm I need assistance on how to go about this.please I will need a vedio or a write up on hw to make the best of this,from puting up structure to the point of sale ( E Mail-mickkybme@gmail.com ) THANKS
Sabina dahal Sabina dahal
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 22, 2015
Hi, I am planning for the pig farming and train the farmers for managed pig Farming in the hilly part of Nepal that is ideally suitable for the purpose. Any one could help for this.
Frank Wia Frank Wia
February 17, 2015
I have great interest in erecting a piggery in my Home Province to support the local population in a form of protein supplement. I have agricultural back ground and I would like to peruse,
1: Used that pig project to train interested locals on how to raise pig and establish piggery,
2: Once that is in place look at putting up an abattoir to process the meat from respective piggeries that I will assist in setting up.
Protein has been a issue for the population in the Province and I am sure this will reduce the issue of meat shortage.

My only problem is I need a standard piggery design plus the costing to erect the building.

Frank Wia
Julius Mosetlo Julius Mosetlo
Pig farmer
February 18, 2015
Please help me with market
kyuga moses kyuga moses
Pig farmer
April 6, 2015
i want biz proposals pig farming.even as to enable me to acquire a loan
April 26, 2015
Dear Team.
i need to start a piggery farm. how do i start. please take me through the project proposals and plans.

thank you.
May 26, 2015
Hello, can u help me to provide a copy of piggery proposal. I really need it. Thanks and more power.

July 15, 2015
Hi I want to write a proposal on pig production in Ghana. I have never written any before. Can anyone help on the format it takes to write proposal and how to go about it
Tambaoga Nyajina Tambaoga Nyajina
Senior Executive Assistant
August 18, 2015
I got person willing to finance towards the project of piggery and area but it is my first time to take it up. I need more information or a write-up for it to be successful and empower my group. I was asked to submit a project proposal
November 21, 2015
Gud evening can you help me how to write a piggery project proposal
November 25, 2015
what are the requirements before starting a pigerry enterprise within a community
November 28, 2015
Please help me i want to start a piggery projectwant know what type of pigs should it.
January 4, 2016
am happy to get to this website, am a first time on this website trying to look for tips on how to start a piggery project with 2,000,000 ugandan shilling and i become successful
chris chris
January 28, 2016
hi I am a 3rd IT year student we have our theses in titled guide to raising pig.
we will make this guide an android application.
my group don't have any idea on to raise a pig.

We would like ask what are the category or principles or very important thing to raise a pig
pleas help us.
onyanga samuel baker onyanga samuel baker
February 26, 2016
am samuel fro north eastern desert of uganda seeking for ways hw i can rear heat tolerant breed of bigs in karamoja without any difficulties
March 16, 2016
helo! i am ugandan. i have a project proposal for both poultry and piggery .....i have already acquired land for the project but I am in need of finances for purchasing other requirements ... if anyone serious willing to partner with me.... i can be easily contacted on +256703822832

Thank you!
April 24, 2016
I am Okello Darius from Uganda. I appreciate the website developers for this achievement. I am currently on research about piggery with intent to kick Start the project, thus seeking for assistance on how to develope a project proposal about the same. Thanx.
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