Nutrient utilization in hogs

Grain protein and energy levels in pigs. Jim Hedges (Ralco)

Topic: Pig Nutrition
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Philip Von Memerty Philip Von Memerty
Pig farmer
January 24, 2012
Is this video available on DVD?at what cost?and from where?
Am farming in South Africa and have recently increased the soya inclusion and decreased the maize(corn) in the hot summer am experiencing much higher mortality than before or compared to previous summers.
Carlos  Jimenez Marchan Carlos Jimenez Marchan
Animal Sience Engineer , Master in Animal Nutrition
May 7, 2012

Dear Philp, do you still wonder on how to decrees the amount of Soy bean meal in your diet, and want a very good fresh diet, preforming and to being comfortable to produce for your hogs. we can help you in Ralco nutrition with that, we may have a distributor in your country that may can deliver and take care of you, please contact me and I can help you to put you on contact with the right person near to your place.
Best regards.

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Jon Bergstrom
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