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Use of spray dried plasma enhances pig performance in all phases of swine production

Published on: 5/4/2021
Author/s : APC, Inc.
Functional proteins play a powerful role in performance and maintaining the immune function of animals
Sao Paulo, May 4, 2021 – Spray dried plasma (SDP) is a functional protein ingredient that has been part of animal nutrition since the 1980s, when the first research was conducted with scientists at Iowa State University in the United States of America, aiming to observe its impact on the support and maintenance of immune function in pigs.
Over the past 35 years, hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted in various regions of the world and have shown the same result - pigs fed plasma become less sick, eat more, and grow faster compared to piglets fed the same diet without the use of functional proteins.
"Considered the sixth most important discovery in swine nutrition by the American Society of Animal Science, plasma reduces mortality by up to 50%, increases Weight Gain by 30% and improves feed intake by 25%. This result is because the plasma, besides being a source of protein, contains functional proteins including immunoglobulins, transferrin, growth factors, bioactive peptides and many other components which helps with the immunity of the animal", says Luís Rangel, Veterinarian and Director of Technical Services of APC for Latin America.
Spray-Dried Plasma (SDP) is a dry powder rich in functional proteins obtained from blood collected during the harvest of healthy animals destined for human consumption. The production method, in general, involves the separation of red cells from plasma and spray drying pressure, which means atomization at a temperature of 80°C to maintain the functionality of the blood proteins and ensure the purity and safety of the ingredients.
Results in each phase of production
Nursery - Using plasma in nursery diets improves feed intake and efficiency and reduces mortality during the stressful post-weaning period.
Gestating and Lactating Sows - Using plasma in sow diets results in more full value pigs, improved farrowing rate and more pigs weaned per sow served.
Finishing Pigs - Using plasma in grow-finish diets contributes to an efficient immune response which helps pigs to recover more quickly and reduces low value pigs and culls. Plasma can be a tool to reduce reliance on using antibiotics.
Boars - Using plasma in boar diets helps to increase doses per collection and reduce discard rate, especially in boars under stress.
The use of plasma in the different swine production phases improves the animal's performance, ensures less mortality, less dependence on antimicrobials and improves the farm's profitability.
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