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consultanta cu privire la cresterea si exploatarea puilor de carne si gaini ouatoare advice on growth and exploitation of broilers and laying hens
ph eng. Zootechnist
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2012
Congratulations and you had a good idea. really needed a study of this type, because the European poultry market trends. Once again congratulations.
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2012
In Romania there are now many discussions on this topic. Unfortunately, those who give their opinion are not specialized. Besides the advantages and disadvantages of this system, known by everyone. To want to know if there are recent studies showing that growth in the battery system is wrong.
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Thanks for the comments. The study started from the need to find an optimal solution for the small household, in the context in which small farmers have no specific information but no money.
Photo posted on January 4, 2012
laying hens in free range system
Photo posted on January 4, 2012
laying hens in free range system
Participation in Forum on January 3, 2012
From my point of view each operating system, in cages, in free range or organic, have advantages and disadvantages. We can not say that a certain system is perfect. In my opinion you have to combine several specific goals and consumer needs, requirements and of course birds economic requirements. You should not blame a growth just because we have certain guidelines for some subjects. As specialist ...
Article published the December 30, 2011
INTRODUCTION If we consider that the most research studies and debates are directed to big exploitations and producers in poultry industry (both eggs and meat production), who have the financial possibilities to employ specialists and who have a wide variety of poultry tools and equipments, then we may say that the middle and small producers are kind of deprived of accessing high technologies in ...
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Article published the December 22, 2011
Abstract At the moment, in Romania, there are three hybrids frequently used in poultry industry: Cobb 500, Ross 308 and Hubbard Flex. Basicly, these hybrids have similar productive characteristics and needs. Hybrid meat Cobb 500 has been designed so as to obtain higher performance with low costs. It is not choosey about nutritional requirements, so in terms of protein, start discus ...
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Photos published on December 20, 2011
Prima micro ferma in sistem free range din Romania
Photo posted on December 20, 2011
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