Article published the October 21, 2016
In aquaculture, producers commonly rely on formulated feeds to ensure optimal growth, health and quality of the farmed animal. Fish meal and fish oil from wild fisheries have traditionally been major constituents of aqua-feeds as they are excellent raw materials from a nutritional point of view, but their supply is finite. Therefore feed ingredients other than fish meal are selected for their nutr ...
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Article published the September 29, 2016
Introduction Between 1.5 and 2 million households worldwide are believed to keep tropical marine aquaria and the collection trade which supplies this industry is estimated at US$220-330 million annually (Wabnitz et al., 2003). The majority of these imports are destined for the United States, Europe, and Japan (Chapman et al., 1997). Unlike freshwater aquaria species, where 90% of fish species are ...
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Article published the May 6, 2013
Bioenergetics describe the flow of energy and nutrients within a biologicalsystem in our example a fish or shrimp. It describes the biological process of utilisation and transformation of absorbed nutrients for energy, for own body synthesis.The feed, that is consumed, is transformed in the body, complex chemical compounds are broken down into simpler c ...
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