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Will it be possible, that there is an increased an antibody titer of Sero negative layers directly injected with serum from sero positive broiler breeders.
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Clinical signs are the following 1. tears in the eye with seems and reddish in color 2.swollen face. 3.Upon necropsy some birds has hemorrhagic tracheal ring Blood stained trachea or even clotted blood was observed near the syrinx,this sign convince me conduct serology on ilt, and yet it turn out positive to mention, farm has high ammonia level since it is situated in poorly ventilated areas,this ...
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In our country, Ive been conducting serology among layer farm in northern Mindanao, farmers does not have ILT vaccination, but it turn outs positive in the ELISA test what does it mean, do i need to recommend vaccination against ILT, what is the best recombinant vaccine that is safe to use? and what is the normal titer level that we can say that, this titer level come from vaccination or from the ...
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