Article published the April 7, 2020
IntroductionFish was used as a bioindicators for the detection pollution of the aquatic environment [1]. Fish occupies the top of food chain and is the main source of protein without fats to keep people fit. Heavy metals transfer by water through fish causing diseases for consumers [2]. Nile tilapia is the most important and promising aquaculture fish species in Egypt, representing more than 80% o ...
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Article published the October 4, 2018
IntroductionCarp is one of a few species of freshwater fish that can be considered as domesticated, but there is a considerable difference between the domesticated population and its wild relation with respect to reproduction capacity, growth, utilization of feeds, etc. The wild population is covered with scales and grows slowly while, the domesticated populations of both scaly and mirror varietie ...
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Article published the September 3, 2018
Water quality is determined by some variables like temperature, transparency, turbidity, water colour, carbon dioxide, pH, alkalinity, hardness, unionized ammonia (NH3), nitrite and nitrate (Saeed, 2013; Saeed and Abdel-Mageed, 2011; Chandra Das et al., 2005). For improving water quality and decreasing ammonia toxicity, there are several possible methods including zeolite addition (U.S.EPA, 2007; ...
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