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Thank you all for your interest in this topic. I am pleased to see that there are many professionals in the Animal Feed industry who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge with others.Based on the experience of La Meccanica, I agree with Mr. Enrique Diaz when he says that the question is not whether pre-milling is better than post-milling or vice versa. The question is where and when t ...
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Milling is indeed a crucial step and the impact is often underestimated, Still 2 questions always catch my interest. The first one is mentioned above: which is the best system - pre or post milling ? Although most of the companies I know have post milling, we know it is better to adapt the milling system to the raw material to produce the wright particle distribution for the animal. Second questio ...
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Friends:The question here is not which grinding step is better than the other one, the question is WHERE and WHEN to apply each of those during the feed processing. It is well known that fine grinding provide more surface area of contact at the conditioning process compared against normal/coarse grinding, fine particles allow for the steam to penetrate into the piece faster than coarse particles a ...
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