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In this industry, we talk about protein a lot. This is because it helps evaluate the value of an ingredient or diet. The type of protein we are talking about though is “crude protein”, which is a routine chemical measure that’s been around since the 1800’s.Of course, it’s been refined since then, but the chemical reaction is basically the same. Other predictive method ...
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One of the most common topics discussed when feeding pasture and breeding cattle is protein. Producers are concerned with crude protein in their hays, pastures, supplements and so on. We regularly concern ourselves with 20 percent protein range cubes, 35 percent protein liquid feeds or 24 percent protein tub supplements. Crude protein is a number we regularly use to compare hays or supplements a ...
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"Soybean Meal" is produced by solvent extraction of the oil, typically in large scale plants (500 to 5,000+ MTD) that operate 24/7 so the processing conditions tend to be very stable. In the last stages of the extraction process the meal is desolventized and toasted to insure all of the hexane (solvent used to remove the oil) is recovered using both direct and indirect steam heating. The result is ...
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