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William Alberto Rojas Vargas wrote the following message: "22/02/2017 | Mr Marco I have send you information about the EM Tecnology for use in Aquaculture" . Sorry but I did not receive your information about EM tech. Would you mind trying again?
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A major problem of shrimp in Mexico seems to be a lost of immunity competence, because of the poor diet! Of course problems connected to the early death is not just feed, nevertheless, feeds in an important component of it. A project is now in prep. where we will try to afford the agents causing early mortality, so I'd like to know some more about the new fees Zheng Chang was talking with his vide ...
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Interesting, Kumar. Nevertheless I wonder if among the causes of the poor results when over 50% substitution with meal of insects grown on fiber rich substrata (I presume vegetables by products from salads, fruits, legumes), you may exclude the presence of insecticides and/or other agriculture chemicals present in the substrata. Merry Christmas
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Thanks Gary
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Dear Gary, few months ago, you wrote: "Use of distillers grains as a substrate will, perhaps, be the test for a commercial insect meal in the US" Will you please explain with some details what do you mean with this test? Thanks
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