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Introduction Milk is one of the most important foods of human beings and is recognized globally as a complete diet due to presence of essential components required for human health. India has a good number of dairy animal populations which plays an important role in economy of the country. India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world (19% of the world’s total milk product ...
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Thanks for sharing We have tried the herbal EVM for mastitis (aloe vera, turmeric and can.hyd.), having good result mostly in acute cases. Spray will be easy for application for farmers
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9/2/2015 M N B Nair .A combination of Aloe vera , turmeric and calcium hydroxide has worked wonderfully to cure any type of mastitis (sub-clinical, clinical and chronic) . The combination is antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and wound cleansing. field tested in 350 cases with 97% efficacy in three South Indian states. we have trained 150 veterinarians to use it the above result is the feed-back fro ...
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Linda Mcmillan Sodium citrate and Tri sodium citrate are same. This is being used in cattle as Banmast 50 in a coated form to prevent its degredation in the rumen. We use 50 grams of this product in 250 ml per day for all cases of sub clinical mastitis tested by California Mastitis Test. Maximum it is used for 10 days. In human homeo drugs Carboveg 30, Sulfur 30 and Silicia 30 are used in mastitis ...
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Dear, Sir.Kindly suggest the preparation.Thanks
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