Article published the July 8, 2020
1. Introduction Astroviruses are emerging viruses in the family Astroviridae, which is divided into two genera: Avastrovirus andMamastrovirus[1]. Astroviruses are non-enveloped, 28–30 nm positive-sense, single stranded RNA viruses [2] that can cause disease and be detected in the feces from a wide variety of mammals and birds [3–9]. Porcine astroviruses (PoAstVs) are genetically div ...
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  Introduction Staphylococcus aureus is a gram positive coccus that forms part of the normal nasal microflora in humans and other animal species. In developed countries, approximately one-quarter to one-third of healthy people harbor S. aureus in the nose, but prevalence appears to be lower in developing countries [1]. Although considered to be a commensal in the nasopharynx, S. aureus is a ...
Article published the February 18, 2014
Introduction H. parasuis is considered one of the most important bacterial pathogens affecting pigs. Vaccines and other management strategies have not always been successful in controlling the losses associated to H. parasuis. This bacterium frequently colonizes the mucosal of the swine upper respiratory tract. Oliveira et al., (2004) showed that exposure of young pigs to a low dose of virulent H ...
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