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Health based on nutrition, improve the intestinal environment through probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and phytogenic additives are some strategies at hand to reduce and eradicate the use of APC.
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Black soldier fly
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Dr Gary, the situation is as follows: When the larvae are about to emigrate from the substrate, if I am correct they empty their digestive tract, a leachate is produced that is toxic to them, if we do not have an alternative to evacuate this , Produces much death in larvae. Can this be corrected with a feeding schedule of 90 to 100 mg larva per day?
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90 to 100 mg larvar per day?
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I am producing soldier fly larvae in large volumes, but I have noticed that leachate is toxic to them, so a drainage must be installed.
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Black soldier Fly eggs
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I had the experience of feeding larvae with a mixture 70/30 molasses / molasses, being toxic for these, since they all died.
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Black Soldier Fly
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We are producing larvae for obtnecion flour and make bacteriological and nutritional quality analsis in our country has not worked this productive row, but I think they should have the same parameters of bacteriological quality of meat meal, blood and viscera .
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Using damp floor gallinaza 1: 1, also fresh pig manure scraping.
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