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Heritage Saddle Backs. Heritage Saddle Backs have taken 20 odd years to develop. They are a brown/red and white saddle pig with either lope ears or spike ears. They are a gentle easy to handle pig, so animal husbandry is not a serious issue with this breed of pig. They have good big litters and enough teats to handle the numbers. Most of my girls have 14 - 16 teats and some have 18. They ma ...
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What shape are the pores in chicken eggs? The pores allow for exchange of air in to the sac to allow the chicken to breath while it is developing in the shell. the pores also allow moisture in to keep up fluids so that the chicken does not dry out on development stage. Why do they pores do this and how does the pore prevent any infection from gaining entry. Is it due to the shape of the pore? What ...
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Not only is the loss of weight due to Aflotoxins/Mycotoxins there are also loss of unborn piglets, deaths of sows. feed refusal We have had first hand experience with this in 2014 and it has been very devastating. There is no information in Australia about this so getting information from international sources is the only other option.
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what can it do for pig that put on back fat?
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Check out the rules and regulations with your relevant Ag Dept and county offices first.
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if creep feed is added to their pen and the sows and piglets are added to a nursery pen, then they (a) get to know their litter mates (b) they get to know the feed (c) they are still on mum On weaning nothing in the way of food should change. Only the place where they will stay until they have forgotten about Mum. Two forms are constant..... their feed and thei ...
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What information is around on mycotoxins and how does it affect pigs? I would be interested to hear from others if they have come across this problem with grain and the problems they have encountered and how to get around contaminated grain.
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