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I opened my own farm last year in North India. I have a herd of 150 HF cows and I bought all the cows in advanced pregnancy stages. I had good results in calving and milk. Then we started the AI of them as per the normal practice i.e. as per the visible heat and also used synchronization using protocols based on receptals. Now I have 10 cows which are not getting pregnant and are almost at the poi ...
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Dear Mr. Gavin, It's a very interesting topic and there is much to lern from it. Thanks for sharing it. Very recently I met Dr. Tilak Dhiman, of Diamond V from USA, in India and just today i have placed an order for the XPC to be used very first time in my farm. I have been using Yeasec and Actisef regularly, so let's see how the XPC performs at our place. By the way, i couldnt see all the grap ...
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What should be the ideal (and practical) duration of rest (in days or in numbers of heats) after an abortion, before starting the insemination schedule, in HF cows ?
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Dear Gaurav, Thanks for your valued comment. As a matter of fact, I am already in touch with Kemin Punjab & using it's various products. But the problem here is now not with the nutrition but to correct the problem. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a person who can guide us with conviction in this regard. That's why I have posted it here to gain some invaluable opinions from the experts.
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