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Dr. Singh: the comment of Mr. Lester on mastitis as a man made disease focus on the tree not on the forest. In any infectious disease there are 3 important elements to be considered: microorganisma, hosts and enviroment. and of course man plays an important role since what the animals are depend on what the man feeds, gives, etc.. in conclusión nutrition is important but not all. improving the ...
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I think Doctor's Singh presentation on mastitis from perspective of inflamation is very interesting, of high scientific level, clearly explains the pathophyisiology of mastitis including its role in women breast cancer.It is the best and most important comment have read lately and no doubt it will be helplful in my large animals practice.Dr. Ubaldo BarríaPanamá
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Anonymous query: como eres hispanoparlante te voy a comentar en español; por el tipo de pregunta se nota desde luego que no tienes la formación en salud animal luego entonces no estas preparado ni facultado para aplicar medidas sanitarias ante el aparecimiento de un brote de enfermedad como la rabia bovina, que además es una enfermedad de declaración obligatoria. Esta consulta tonta que haces de ...
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