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Would you like to discuss the composition of alquermix and doses in broiler. In our Bangladesh from where I can buy, what it the brand name, price.
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Júlia Pié (Biovet) presented research on natural products designed to replace commonly used additives, during the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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Dear Mark,There are many different designs and configurations of roller shells. You should check with the pellet mill supplier what designs and combinations are available and the experience they have in regard to gripping, even wear or smooth operation without vibrations as well as what products are best pelletized.If you mean roll slippage by skidding; there are multiple reasons for this. Fo ...
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I assume you are talking about roll shells for pellet mills.There are different configurations possible with roll shells.In general; Dimpled rolls have a better pressure distribution in the die but the gripping action is moderate.In general, the wear is more even in the die due to the fact that the product cannot escape to the side of the roll. Used for regular feed products with limited slippage ...
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Mia Eeckhout ,Thank u for your valuable discussion. I agree to post grinding is better than pregrinding due to short period of smaller surface area particles after grinding. I have 2 questions -1. What is the optimum particle size after grinding (in case of broiler, cattle, and fish feed production)?2. What size (MM hole) of screen is preferable for 2.5mm die?Thanks.Md. Sharif Uddin Biswas Head of ...
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Milling is indeed a crucial step and the impact is often underestimated, Still 2 questions always catch my interest. The first one is mentioned above: which is the best system - pre or post milling ? Although most of the companies I know have post milling, we know it is better to adapt the milling system to the raw material to produce the wright particle distribution for the animal. Second questio ...
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Greetings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Sir, Thanks a lot. I am very much interested on this topics. This article of Pelleted Livestock Feed Production is excellent.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best, Sharif U. Biswas
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February 10, 2012
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