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"HORMONES: Chicken manure is full of hormones particularly estrogen that make their way into the agricultural produce and may lead to uterine and breast cancer and reproductive problems in the consumers. Poultry manure which acts as a vehicle for the phosphorus can well promote pathogens that may affect the plant life. " -A serious accusation that needs to be substantiated or clarified, depending ...
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a good and old idea practised in our low developed countries...
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@Fernando Pérez García Dear Fernando, If you already have the problem you should certainly fix it. The recommendation I make to my users is that it should be planned beforehand. In exchange for looking for solutions that have a cost. The above in ideal conditions.
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In our tropical climates, it is very important to choose the breed and the purpose of the farm before undertaking the production of meat, milk or both. Rather than trying to moderate the effect of the climate.
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Excelent information
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You're welcome!
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Very interesting article and the implications that enriched or Se-endowed foods of animal origin may have as an added value in the future and that form part of the population's food culture...
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Congratulations, a good information source about breeds. Could you give us more about trends and investigation on genetic-selection improvement efforts?Jorge EspinozaGuatemala
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Treated poultry litter with al can be used feeding steers, without ill effects?
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