Article published the October 20, 2020
1. IntroductionHeat stress (HS) has undesired effects on the growth performance [1,2] and meat quality [3] of broiler chickens. During HS, chickens seek to dissipate unwanted and excess body heat by increasing panting, resulting in alteration of blood acid/base status, which in turn can give rise to respiratory alkalosis [4] and disruptions in muscle membrane integrity [3]. Additionally, the work ...
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Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals 2018
Article published the July 7, 2017
The human health benefits of dietary selenium (Se) and iron (Fe) are well established (Rayman, 1997; Kristensen et al., 2005).  Meat and meat products are primary sources of dietary Se and iron for humans. Pork from Se and Fe supplemented pigs may provide an additional source of these nutrients. However, the effects of supplementation of Se and iron on their status in muscles and effects on p ...
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Article published the December 29, 2014
As the demand for animal protein continue to increase, global animal production faces several challenges in order to meet these demands because of environmental challenges (global warming and climate change). Furthermore, the intensification of animal production systems might compromise animal health and welfare and consequently increase the incidence of the metabolic diseases. Ruminant health and ...
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