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To sterilize water drinking lines try Lupromix from BASF
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One of our big farmers complained of stunted growth late last year. As usual, the first suspect is the feed always. I reformulated thinking maybe it could be due to my Soybean content in the diets. Still no change. Eventually, I told him to get a new lot, divide into 2 and put one batch on our feed & the other on our competitor. Our feed did better. He had no choice but swallow his pride and d ...
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Kevin Mwambi.. Hi Kevin can you please advice what is the best detergent and disinfectant to sterilize and wash water drinking lines?
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Dear noni, i would like to start a pig farm and would like some advice from you my email address is please write to me so that you can help me with the experience you have gained so that i can avoid making mistakes from your helpful wisdom. thank you Karim
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