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Animal Husbandry - Udder health & Milk Quality
Article published the April 26, 2018
Benefits of early detachment Faster milking. Early detachment reduces machine-on time. This may or may not result in milking more cows per hour depending on parlour size and milking routine. AMS benefit the most from a short machine-on time. Calm cows. Several studies have observed calmer cows when detaching at a higher flow rate. First lactation cows seem to be more sensible to overmilking than ...
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Dear Mr. Cedden, I totally agree with you when it comes to tropical conditions with restricted possibilities to control deseases. My article is refered more to intensified farms with Europeran breeds located in warm regions, as for example my country Israel and your country Turkey are.
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Clement,In Thailand condition I do recommend the direct cooling which combines wetting and forced ventilation. Anyhow, there is need to know specific farm conditions to give the exact recommendation about the time of cooling needed.
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Dear Tamas,feeding manipulation in summer diets, mainly reducing fiber, adding fats and increase energy and protein concentration have limited potential to improve cows performance in heat stress conditions. the most can be reached by intensive cooling the cows in this period.
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Excellent article - everything done by "the book" and I endorse all that is written. A few comments:I strongly endorse your recommendations for take off settings, we find that all manufacturers set the default settings too low. The international Dairy Federation Machine milking and methods team are now working on a bulletin of recommended take off settings that I hope will be adopted by the manufa ...
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I recommend contacting the man who knows and has taken care of this problem world wide http://www.cool-cows.com/
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MichaelA good pre-milking teat preparation, a short, consistent interval until attachment, and calm cows are prerequisites for detachment at high flow rates.Overmilking is defined as when the flow of milk from the alveoli to the teat cistern is less than the flow of milk from the teat.The distribution of milk in vast majority of cows is 55% in the back quaters and 45% in the front. Today we have c ...
Article published the November 24, 2014
Electronic computer monitoring of herd and individual cow performance is common in Israeli dairy herds, and allows characterization and quantification of milking efficiency as well as parlor throughput. Eicker et al. (2000) theorized that computerized parlor data could be used to monitor how milkers used the equipment in the parlor. The advantage of ACR compared with manual removal is well known. ...
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Article published the November 24, 2014
Introduction Lactation in the dairy cow is influenced by various management factors as well as the milking equipment. Milking efficiency is a combination of proficiency of the milker, operation of the milking equipment, and cow factors including udder shape, temperament and physiological traits. As dairies grow larger, the desire to milk more cows in less time has resulted in the need to monitor ...
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