Dr Aderolu   Ademola   Zaid
B. Agric, M.Sc Animal nutrition, PhD and MBA (Marketing option)
I teach and practice Animal nutrition and am well exposed with sizeable International exposure. Am good in Nutritional biotechnology and I have sequence some genes already deposited in the NCBI
B. Agric, M.Sc Animal nutrition, PhD and MBA (Marketing option)
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Dear sir, I strongly believe that when we are talking about feed ingredients, it will be better to discuss it as it apply also to the fish feed industries. This is because almost the same set of ingredients are used for the poultry as well as the fish feed and i will like to agree with other contributors that the universities should be involved in research findings in Nigeria.
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Another important issue Nigeria is facing today, and for the first I witness, is the fact that corn prices in Nigeria are higher than SBM prices which is very alarming. We discussed the huge feed cost savings of using alternative cheaper energy ingredients and supplementing it with enzymes to release the hidden value of these ingredients that otherwise won't be utilized. Feed cost savings versus t ...
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08/16/2016 This is not a new topic. I have been in the animal (poultry basically) nutrition business and feed and feed additives formulation for the last 35 years. In addition to the (so general) mentioned factors, it is of utmost importance to add the presence/effect of mycotoxins that are present in the feed ingredients on animal performance. Having said that, the major practical problem is to d ...
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To Control the quality of raw materials used for poultry feed is an area of various controls and their regular implementation .They are 1.Sourcing-----Buyer must visit once a while on sourcing site as how a raw material is being processed 2.Sampling at the site of unloading-- I have observed lot of flaws when samples are being drawn 3.insufficient sampleing tools and sampling method. 4.Physical e ...
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