Article published the December 16, 2021
Improving feed efficiency (FE) reduces the environmental impact and increases the profitability of pig production. Despite the improvements in pig FE achieved in recent years1,2, it still takes~3.5 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of saleable pig meat2–4. Nutritional strategies can be implemented to improve FE; however, the impact of these strategies on the microbial composition of the g ...
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Article published the March 1, 2015
IntroductionWeaning is arguably the most stressful period in the pig’s life. At weaning the pig is removed from the sow where it has had access to ~20 small feeds of sow’s milk each day. It is removed to unfamiliar surroundings and mixed with strange pigs in pens where the only available food is predominantly vegetable in origin and generally fed in dry form. It is hardly surprising th ...
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