Article published the January 12, 2018
Background Indigestible markers are commonly used in animal nutrition studies to calculate digestibility coefficients, with chromic oxide, titanium dioxide, and acid insoluble ash being the most common in swine research [1]. Physiological aspects associated with gastric emptying or rate of passage are complex and affected by a variety of factors [2, 3]. Rate of passage can be affected by BW [4], ...
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Article published the July 30, 2012
Introduction It has been reported that during routine vaccinations, h pigs can display a "buzz" response. A buzz response can be defined as the 6-h period immediately following vaccination, where pigs display marked lethargy. To report this alteration in a pigs' behavior, the authors used a "willingness to approach" (WTA) methodology. The paper reported statistical differences between pre- and p ...
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Article published the July 17, 2012
Introduction In recent years, several production systems in the United States have gone from housing grow-finish pigs in small pens of <30 pigs to much large pens of >100 pigs per pen. Recent industry accounts, however, suggest that these large pen configurations may have negative aspects on growth performance of the pigs and morbidity / mortality. In addition, little is known about how th ...
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Article published the July 17, 2012
Introduction The breeding objective for a swine nucleus selection program is to improve crossbred commercial performance. Most genetic improvement programs are based on an assumed relationship between purebred performance in a nucleus herd and their relatives' crossbred performance in a commercial herd. Since nucleus animals have fewer parities to shorten the generation interval and longevity is ...
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Article published the July 9, 2012
Summary and Implications The objective of this experiment was to compare two approachability definitions of nursery pigs to a human observer in their home pen using a digital image. A total of 79 pens in two rooms (40 in room 1 and 39 in room 2) were used. A total of 1,817, ~6 wk old mixed sexed nursery pigs, weighing ~25.4 kg were used. Two definitions for pigs reacting to a human in their home ...
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Article published the March 2, 2007
Introduction Livestock production is becoming more concentrated in many parts of the world and pork production is no exception. This is particularly evident when examining a recent Canadian report (Saskatchewan Agriculture Food and Rural Revitalization, Statistics Canada, 2003) showing the pig densities per square mile in different countries of the world (Table 1).More and more people residing in ...
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