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Heaven Roberts HI,I do have reports pertaining to this issue.DO you have an email address or a whatsapp.number that i can send.
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I agreed with Mr. Raul Felman concerning mycotoxin testing and owners investing. In the Caribbean especially in Trinidad, it's destroying the bird altogether. The mould growth underneath the gizzard sheet is overwhelming. My opinion is more needs to be done with grain production but climate change might be an issue also storage management.
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Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan I agree with you that certain birds can tolerate a different amount of mycotoxins contamination. The root of the problem is to determine levels of mycotoxins in raw materials and then make fine statistical average on the finish feed. That is my opinion while working in the field in over 80 countries and with poultry producers.For example, in Indonesia and other Asian countries ...
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Mycotoxin problem is difficult to manage when multiple mycotoxins are present in feed. Our research should be focussed on multiple mycotoxins in feed. Recently I conducted an experiment in broiler chickens involving ochratoxin A levels in feed. It was found that broiler chickens can tolerate up to 50 ppb of dietary ochratoxin A without any adverse effect on their performance, organ weight and bioc ...
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Very informative article.
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Poultry industry has emerged as the most dynamic and fastest expanding segment in animal husbandry sector with an annual growth rate of 6% in 1980's, 11% in 1990s, 19% in 1997-2002 and 6.2% during 2002-2006 in broiler chickens and 5-6% in egg production during this period in India. With an annual production (BAHS, 2010) of around 61.45 billion eggs (95.2% hen, 2.5% duck and 2.3% from other species ...
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What is butyric acid and what it does? Also, what is the dosage?
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Can I be part of this learning experience online?
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can garlic and vitamin ade,help in and or,eradicate mycotoxins in broilers?.if yes what are the procedures and how much, for how many days? or what can one do otherwise, naturally or with little means?
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