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My wife and I have an 100 sow / 80 farrow farm in Thailand. From my observation of watching gilts moving from open housing into stalls they do not appear to mind. Actually, it is my opinion, they enjoy the confined area. I have watched “neighbor” pigs get mad and want to strike out at their neighbor and cannot. I have watched sows moving back-and-forth from housing stalls into farrowin ...
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We run 80 producing sows with 20 to 30 replacement gilts (for our use and sale) along with 10 boars. We will raise about 40 piglets to finish (all the room we have). We usually have about 200+/- piglets on hand. There are about 350 pigs producing odor waste daily. We installed a methane gas plant and all cages have a runway to the input of the pre-mixing tank. All manure swept up is wheeled to th ...
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I have posted much of the information I found when starting to expand our farm. Visit our farm site to help with you many aspects of what you will need, one of which is AI. Good luck, Randall
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Tony, I would love to know your formula for the probiotic and how you administer the mixture. I run Surin Farm in Chiang Mai and any help with FCR and smell elimination is appreciated. Randall Ellis
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I am a small pig farmer in Thailand (80 sow / 8 boars / 60 gilt farm). Our farm primarily is in the business of raising piglets for sale at 35 days as market finishing pigs - we only raise finish pigs from piglets that do not reach our standards for sale to the public. We also raise gilts and sell sperm.In Thailand, and all bordering countries, there is currently a large problem with PRRS. We, pig ...
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On our pig farm, Surin Farm – Chiang Mai, Thailand, my Thai wife often takes a heavily leaved branch from a guava tree and throws it into a pen when the pigs have diarrhea. The pigs love to eat the leaves and most of the time within a day the pigs that had diarrhea are once again healthy. Out of curiosity I searched the internet and read about the June 2004 “Healthcare Use for Diarrhea ...
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I retired from the USA and now live and pig farm in Thailand (was not a farmer before retirement) –Thailand, as do other poor countries, has cultural problems with cleanliness. An example, when building the Thai kitchen area at our home my Thai family did not want, nor as they say, need hot water at the kitchen sink. Our 100 sow farm is primarily family run and the same hot water feelings carry ov ...
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Thank you Dr. Broes, After my last writing, that we would depopulate, things have changed. That same day the local government office sent us a team of doctors from BACO in Bangkok who are distributors for Hipra. The team spent two days on our farm helping us learn about PRRS and "fighting" the disease. We have now vacinated the entire herd and all piglets with Amervac Live PRRS virus VP046 BIS str ...
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Thank you Doctors Broes and Kwiecien, your help is appreciated! In answer to your question: There is one large farm about 5km away – in Thailand many village families raise one or two pigs at their residences and within 5km there are many of these. I have heard of no small farm problems but the large farm mentioned is infected. And, I am saddened to add, since writing it is now confirmed so ...
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Read, read and then read some more. After that ask, ask and ask some more. Read from those who have been there (start up) and ask those who have sustained their operation. And after reading and asking form your own ideas and try them and be ready to modify them many times. As to our farm, we have documented much of what we do, SurinFarm com, and you are welcome to read what we learned about pi ...
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