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Can someone tell me more about this new -to me- terminology of osmolarity/osmolality of feeds for weaned piglets? Is osmolarity and osmolality the same? How do you determine this value for feeds? Or is it something you can measure? What is the required level of osmolarity for recently weaned piglets?
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Mr. Papatsiros, thank you for the article about PENS associated with PCV2 infection. I would like to ask Mr. Lichtendahl a question about the feed additives. What kind of additives are you using? Recently I have read something about humic acid. Are you familiar with that?
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Weaned piglets on a diet with in-feed antibiotics still exhibit ear tip necrosis. Is it possible that endotoxins play an important role in this? Please let me know what you do to prevent or cure ear tip necrosis in weaned piglets. Thank you!
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Mr. Broes, thank you for the references. In this particular case sows are not vaccinated against PCV2. The weaned piglets on the other hand, are vaccinated against PCV2 at the time of weaning. That is at the age of 3 weeks (18 - 21 days of age). Regarding climate control, I think conditions are quite optimal (no draughts, no high gas concentrations, temperature is good). The piglets stay in ...
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Gaining popularity in Western Europe, but apparantly already used for many years in the U.S. is the use of automated systems for milk supplementation to suckling piglets in the farrowing room. I would like to know from people who are using this kind of system what their experiences are. How much milk do the piglets consume, at what cost, etcetera. Are you not using this kind of system? Then i woul ...
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What else I would like to learn? Simple, and just like a asked before. Practical experiences, not only technical results, but also the economics of the system. What does it really cost to use this system? How much milk does the piglets consume to reach the extra kilogram of weaning weight? How does the Ralco system works? I cannot find any information of the system on the website of Weda or Ralco ...
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