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What are the levels of micro minerals for optimal performance in pigs?  Would you please give more details? Thanks!
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It a very good experiment.
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ABSTRACTThis experiment was conducted to determine three levels of lysine with three levels of methionine on growth performance of finishing pig. Treatment diets were calculated for 3 levels of lysine (0.780, 1.025 and 1.270 %) and 3 levels of methionine (0.240, 0.315 and 0.390 %). Thirty-three crossbred pigs (Large white X Landrace X Duroc, 67.00 kg average body weight) were used. Twenty-seven pi ...
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In thailand (Khonkaen Universit) we have one Experiment for Nutrition and Genetice in pig. GRADE LEVELS OF LYSINE AT VARIOUS METHIONINE LEVELS IN FINISHING PIGS DIET ON GROWTH PERFORMANCE Suntorn Kakaisorn 1, Chaiyaphuk Hongladdaporn 1, Sawang Kullawong 1 and Suwit Terapuntuwat 2 1 Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Loei Rajabubhat University, Loei-Chian ...
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Good article about the nutritive value of alternative feed ingredients for poultry. The product alternative ingredients in Thailand have very much and we have broker import for alternative ingredients and microbial enzyme supplements.
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Certificate of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University
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