Article published the March 16, 2010
Abstract: A photographic guide to goose embryo development is compiled to help visually determining time of embryo mortality in eggs during incubation. Introduction Goose eggs can be particularly difficult to hatch due to their large size, the hardness of their shells, and the need to cool them regularly. The incubation period of goose eggs takes about 30 days and percent hatch generally does no ...
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Article published the February 9, 2010
Abstract Major phases of postnatal feather cycle of Hungarian Upgraded Goose goslings until 11 weeks of age are presented with corresponding photos.IntroductionThe feathers are the peculiar outer covering of birds. Formation of all follicles and the initial feathers occur during embryo development, and then feathers are continuously shed and regenerated throughout the life of domestic fowl. Here, ...
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Article published the February 9, 2010
AbstractMajor phases of postnatal feather cycle were identified in Gray Landes Geese until 18 weeks of age so as to time the plucking process to the natural moult. These results with corresponding photos are made available here.IntroductionFeathers and downs harvested from live geese are valuable raw materials and can be sold at a relatively high price.Feathers can be harvested by manual plucking ...
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Article published the January 27, 2010
Abstract: The effect of dietary supplementation with Spirulina platensis algae-meal on the reproduction traits was studied in a one-year old pheasant flock. Three groups of penned pheasants with ≈100 hens plus 14 cocks per group were fed a basal diet supplemented with 0 %, 0.1% or 0.2 % algae-meal during the entire laying cycle of 12 weeks. The 0.2% algal group has laid by ≈14% more e ...
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