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Having managed all the main systems from individual crates to outdoor groups, both organic and commercial, the system I like the most is sow groups in deep litter systems, I achieved some of my best breeding and finishing results in deep litter barns, and achieved good welfare standards, not even having to dock tails.
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I have used group housing for gestating sows, both in deep litter buildings and outdoors behind electric fences. The important thing to remember is to group the sows according to size to prevent bullying of younger/smaller sows. AI is the best for all pound results so long as you are getting good conception rates, good heat detection is the key to good results.
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If you are interested in breeding pigs, you might want to find out what the market is for supplying weaned piglets to farms or companies which specialise in raising weaners to market size. You will need to find out the availability and cost of good quality breeding stock, usually buying in F1 damline gilts, and terminal line boars, to give the best results both in fertility/mothering in the damlin ...
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